What is Afriglobal Medicare, and what can I benefit from visiting its center?

Afriglobal Medicare Limited (AML) is a medical diagnostics company set up with the state-of-the-art Diagnostics and laboratory services in Lagos and across its branches in Nigeria ( Afriglobal Medicare, Ado-Ekiti, Ikorodu, Igando, Lekki/Ajah and TBS Centers. The centers provide comprehensive, and most modern & advance testing facility in Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology and Wellness packages. Send a message at guestrelations@afriglobalmedicare.com

Can I book a test online?

Yes, you can check for test prices and book a test via the link at the top of the page. Once the link is clicked, search for the test name, pick the test/tests you want, click “Book This Test” and check your cart for the test prices before proceeding to checkout.

You can also click here to book https://www.afriglobalmedicare.com/book-a-test-2/

Can I request for ambulance pick-up?

Yes, note that ambulance pick-up apply for tests above 25,000 from any location within Lagos

Is home services available?

Home services is a new service and will be available shortly

Do you have Free Ambulance Services?

Yes, we have free ambulance services within Lagos Environs. Call our call center to request for the service on 016291000

How can I get my test results?

Your test results will be available shortly after you have had your test/tests and could be picked up at the center where the test was conducted. If you submitted your email address at the point of registration, your test result will be sent to your email

What are the opening time at Afriglobal Medicare?

Afriglobal medicare opens 24 hours, Monday to Friday: Saturday 8:30 AM to 4pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm

When should I come for Hormonal Profile Test?

Hormonal profile test, you are advised to come on day 2 or day 21 of your monthly cycle

When should I come for Hormonal Profile Test?

Hormonal profile test, you are advised to come on day 2 or day 21 of your monthly cycle

Do Afriglobal Medicare accept HMO?

Yes, we accept HMO patients when they come with their HMO cards or any other means of identification linked to their HMO

Can I eat or drink anything before I come for my test?

This depends on the type of test you want to do. Test like fasting blood sugar, CT scan, MRI. Usually requires that you come fasting

Can I come for test even when I am not referred by a doctor?

It is usually advised to get a test order from your doctor, however, you can work in to have a test if you know the test required if you have knowledge of the test you want to do and sure

How soon can I have my test result?

You can have most of your results the same day, this is however depends on the type of test you did

What number can I call to book a test or make inquiries,

Call 016291000 or send us a mail at info@afriglobalmedicare.com or guestrelations@afriglobalmedicare.com

Can I do X-ray if I am pregnant?

No, you cannot do an Xray if you are pregnant

Do I need to take an appointment for some specialized tests?

Yes, you will need appointment for some test such as EEG, Paediatric Echo Cardiogram, Paediatric ECG, HSG, etc

Do you have special packages for bulk testing and corporate?


Do you have a patient loyalty scheme?


How can I take advantage of any special promotions that you run?

Visit any of our branches for your test and then you can register for our patient loyalty program to take advantage of our special promotions.

You can also take advantage of our discounted health check plan vouchers for a comprehensive health check

How can I be assured that the test results are of the highest standards?

Our major focus is on quality and service delivery, ensuring prompt, personalized and seamless healthcare services to our clients.

We are a charitable organization- is there any special concession available for us?

Yes, we have some special packages for a charitable organization. You can send us a message at guestrelations@afriglobalmedicare.com to find out more

Can I get clarification on concerns about the test which has been recommended to me?

Yes, we will give clarifications on the test that you want to do in the line of your doctor’s requests.

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