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About Us

About Us

Afrikan Heroes Homes

Here in Afrikan Heroes Homes, we believe in one thing: If it's not the best, count us off.

As a subsidiary of Afrikan Heroes Group, we are here to restore and uphold the image of Real Estate business in the entire Africa through our cutting edge technology partnerships with transparency and satisfaction of our customers and partners as our utmost interest.

Our Vision

To build an enviable Real Estate conglomerate in Africa and beyond where all the investments and portfolios of our partners and investors will be highly protected and respected without unnecessary fear and lack of trust.


Delivering professional and transparent real estate services to African and non African investors using a realistic technology to forestall most prevalent problems in the industry

Our Core Values

Professionalism & Passion




Dynamism & Creativity

What we offer

Our Services

Real Estate Development & Sales

Constructing, marketing, and reimagining real estate for a brighter future.


Creating tomorrow through exceptional craftsmanship and inventive solutions.

Supply & Delivery of Building Materials

Dependable provision of high-grade construction materials for projects of any magnitude.

What we have done

Our Recent Success History

Over the recent years, we have been facilitating the connection between land sellers and buyers, ensuring seamless transactions for prime properties.




Professional Agents



Our clients praise us for great results.

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