Molecular Scientist Job

Job Title

 Molecular Scientist

Job Holder


Reports To

Head of Pathology

Job Purpose


The Molecular and Cellular Biologist will tests on cell organization and function including mechanisms of gene expression, cellular bioinformatics, cell signaling, or cell differentiation.


Principal Accountabilities


  1. Designs molecular or cellular laboratory tests, oversees their execution, and interprets results. Maintains accurate laboratory records and data.
  2. Conducts research on cell organization and function, including mechanisms of gene expression, cellular bioinformatics, cell signaling, or cell differentiation.
  3. Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for conducting tests.
  4. Performs laboratory procedures following protocols including deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequencing, cloning and extraction, ribonucleic acid (RNA) purification, or gel electrophoresis.
  5. Prepares reports, manuscripts, and presentations.
  6. Monitors or operates specialized equipment such as gene sequencers and high-pressure liquid chromatographs, electrophoresis units, thermocyclers, fluorescence activated cell sorters.
  7. Develops assays that monitor cell characteristics.
  8. Coordinates molecular or cellular test activities with scientists specializing in other fields. Evaluates new technologies to enhance or complement current tests.
  9. Develops guidelines for procedures such as the management of viruses.
  10. Verifies that financial, physical, and human resources assigned to projects are used as planned.
  11. Determine and recommend laboratory needs including lab equipment, supplies, and computer hardware and software systems.
  12. Supervises technical staff, directs, coordinates, organizes, and prioritizes biological laboratory activities.
  13.  Carries out other laboratory activities as designated by head of Department.





Demonstrated Behaviors

Conceptual Thinking

Understands how own tasks relate to the wider framework


Compares present data and events with previously defined frameworks


Relates different pieces of information and recognizes trends


Thinks in terms of options when identifying solutions


Develops new approaches to improve or replace existing procedures or systems


Generates alternatives before settling on a solution

Ability to Learn

Quickly understands what new tasks/jobs required


Easily learns unique job related vocabulary


Quickly understands and uses processes, technologies and ideas that are


continually being updated


Easily learns new information regarding changing products, operations etc


Understands and learns to work with new business, office and information




Learns highly complex information regarding a product or operation


Is open and understands new ideas


Pursues policies and procedures consistent with local norms and values


Adopts means of communication and interaction that suit different cultures


Deals with effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds


Behaves consistently with local norms and values


Maintains effectiveness when dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds


Keeps things in perspective despite fatigue or frustration


Maintains effectiveness and commitment in the face of disappointment


Copes effectively with ambiguity


Is objective under pressure and in difficult or stressful circumstances


Works effectively under tight deadlines


Maintains a business-like approach when unduly annoyed, disturbed or


disrupted by others


Maintains objectivity when interpreting information and defining problems

Special Features


Scientific Degree, preferably with some experience of Molecular Biology


Knowledge of microbial expression cell systems / mammalian cell line expression platforms and / or process development strategies


Ability to communicate the progress of projects, both verbally using presentations and with written reports


Experience in aseptic technique, microbial systems, microbial culturing, standard molecular biology techniques, cloning, sequence analysis.

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Your feedback can help us improve better