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Patient care comes first

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We are looking for creative, talented individuals to join Afriglobal Medicare. Check out our roles below and fill out an application


Afriglobal Medicare Limited is a state-of-the-art diagnostic center with special attention to patient care. We are among the top three integrated chains of diagnostic centers in Nigeria where patient care comes first.


Transform healthcare in Nigeria by touching One Million lives by 2024


Integrity / honesty / fairness Innovative / Forward thinking Empathy / Customer-centric Teamwork / Respect for individuals Accountability / Performance / Responsibility


Improving lives through sustainable, accessible, quality diagnostics services.

You will be responsible for providing specialized nursing procedures and support to clients in the following areas – cardiology, endoscopy, radiology, and others (biologic sample collection and support for EEG procedures) with cardiovascular diseases and conditions. In this regard, you will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to render service to AML clients. You will utilize your expertise in nursing to deliver high-quality service to AML clients. You are expected to work closely with cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and other healthcare professionals to ensure high-quality service to AML clients.
POSITION / GRADE Nursing Officer
  • Center Manager
  • Head, Nurse
  • Internal: Sales, Cardiologist, Radiology, EEG technician, Pathology, Endoscopy, and Admin Departments.
  • External: Government and private medical Institutions, Customers (Patients & Medical Practitioners).
LOCATION Initially Lagos, Nigeria, anywhere in Nigeria or Global
KPI: Detailed Tasks & Responsibilities:
Detailed Documentation
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of clients, including obtaining medical history, performing physical examinations, and reviewing diagnostic test results.
  • Responding to emergency calls
  • Assessing patients, providing emergency treatment and making diagnosis
Optimal House keep management as per SOP.
  • To always maintain confidentiality
  • To act as a patient advocate
  • Promote customer value intimacy.
  • To maintain stock of consumables.
  • To ensure all equipment used for special procedures is packed and sent for sterilization and is made available before each procedure.
  • To promote safe practice and professional conduct
  • To ensure adherence to Departmental guidelines and policies
  • To provide specialist Nursing Skills
Procedures covered Electrocardiograms (ECGs) Endoscopy
Ambulatory Holter
Stress ECG Biologic sample collection
Holter ECG Radiology support
Spirometry EEG support
Report TAT within set norm To ensure that the results for all procedures carried out in the department and which are as assigned responsibility are ready within the given TAT.
Proficiency in carrying out procedures. Perform cardiac procedure under the supervision of the Head Nurse and / or the cardiologists. Give support for the non-cardiology procedures under direct / indirect supervision of the consultant or unit head. Respond to emergency situations requiring patient care. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate and provide high-quality client service.
Job Requirements
  • Nursing
  • Current license as a registered Nurse
  • BLS certification will be an added advantage.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients/clients.
  • Basic computer skills
  • Professional friendly attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • Impeccable organization skills
  • 3 - 5 years’ experience preferable in a diagnostic company

Centre Operations Manager’s deliverables:

• Project coordination and implementation. • Operations management & delivery of all agreed KPIs. • Facility Management Coordination • Centre Operations Report • Team Management. • Quality Assurance and Inventory management – Plan, structure and execute quality delivery in all aspects and attain productivity. Also plan and administer the inventory.



Operations Manager- (Senior Officer- Manager)


  • Project planning and implementation: Involved in planning, execution and operations of the project (s). 
  • To independently manage and coordinate the day-to-day operations, the staff and third party at the location
  • Deliver agreed business performance


Regional Operations Manager


GM Operations (Clinical)


Pathology, Radiology and Non-Medical team members plus other stakeholders of the company.

Afriglobal Group in Nigeria.

Govt. agencies, medical associations and regulatory bodies


Initially Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria, anywhere in Nigeria or Global


Detailed Tasks & Responsibilities:

Planning & Implementation of the Project

  • Responsible for coordinating planning and execution of the Centre project.
  • Coordinate the design & execution of Centre face-lifting/remodeling as approved by the management.
  • To execute the processes and policies of the organisation for seamlessly flow of operations.

Operations & Management






  • Develop and manage processes and workflow of the business 
  • Assure regulatory compliance-zero tolerance to statutory penalty
  • Develop and implement quality standards and audit Quality Control
  • Coordinate and assure smooth workflow and customer experience in the Centre, by using technical/Managerial/Customer relations skills sets and experience.
  • Coordinate implementation and smooth operations of LIMS
  • Prepare and circulate reports as requested by line manager
  • Oversee lab operations, and coordinate with all the departments for smooth operations.
  • Be capable of delivering results and independently handling business areas assigned, if needed in the initial period
  • Key in team building and providing solutions.
  • Any other role which requires participation.


  • Nurture & grow the laboratory and radiology businesses in the Centre
  • Streamline process and operations for better productivity.

Vendor Relations

  • Manage Vendor relations.

People Management

  • Support all associates and team members.
  • Support, recommend and provide training to all staff, time to time.
  • Recommend staff appraisals as per policy. 

Customer Service – Pathology deliverables:

Provide exceptional customer service. •Registration and billing. •Accession and shipment of samples. •Setting of line for radiology procedures. •Control TAT (Turnaround Time) - Sample flow, shipment, and accession. •Quality and Inventory control. •Other laboratory duties as required based on the need of the Centre and Department and as specified by the laboratory or Centre manager.


Customer Service - Pathology


  • To independently manage and perform routine laboratory operations.
  • Control TAT - Sample flow, Testing and Results
  • Quality and Inventory control
  • Deliver agreed business performance.
  • Ensure compliance of SOP’s, GCLP’s and guidelines for both local &
  • International accreditation


Reporting directly to the Team lead Technician (for Ikeja centre and Hub & Spoke)

Reporting directly to the Centre Manager (Satellite centres)


Laboratory Manager (Ikeja)


Guests, Pathologists, Laboratory scientists & interns, Guest relation officers, Dispatch riders, Dispatch Centre, and other stakeholders of the company.



Note that personnel can be transferred to any of the AML centers nationwide based on demand by the organization.


Detailed Tasks & Responsibilities:


  • Registers, bills and confirm payment for client.
  • Ensure all daily payments are closed at the end of the day’s work and handed over to the centre manager.
  • Ensure proper phlebotomy is carried out for clients using the appropriate materials and sample container following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for phlebotomy duties.
  • Ensures clear communication with clients on necessary preparatory information before sample collection.
  • Ensures all samples are collected, shipped and accession done on LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in line with the process workflow on LIMS.
  • For radiology clients requiring contrast, the technician ensures that the creatinine is resulted using the semi-automated analyzer and setting of line for dispensing of contrast.
  • Ensures the stocks are stored properly, validate current stock, and raise indent for stocks in a timely manner to avoid stock outs.
  • Adhere to shift hand over process.
  • Ensures that Quality Assurance is maintained as specified to the area of duty.
  • Educate clients on preanalytical preparation when required.




Statutory Compliance

  • Obey and practice laws of Nigeria.
  • Must have a current practicing license.
  • Have respect for other team members, board, and business associates.

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