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It has become more challenging for individuals to make it to a lab for testing due to many reasons. For one, the person needing a test could be sick, elderly, battling a compromised immune system, or a caretaker to a family who cannot be left alone. Another reason could be convenience.

With this understanding, we have provide home sample collections for every pathology test we offer.

With our home collection service, you now have the convenience of getting your stool, tissue or blood test samples taken at home for testing without compromising your other needs or engagements.

Our home testing is also great for employers who want to know their employees’ health status or to offer free health screenings without disrupting the office’s business.

Why should you trust Afriglobal Medicare with your home collection?

Some of what you will be enjoying when you book our home collection service are:

1. Convenience and Availability:

With Home Sample Collection you can say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments for your patients. The service brings diagnostics directly to your patients’ homes, saving time and reducing stress. 

Our home sample collection is available from Monday – Sunday, for all age groups including children.

2. Sample Collection By Professionals:

Our home sample collection tests are done by experts and professional phlebotomists

3. Electronic test results:

Enjoy speedy delivery of your test result(s) in your email once it is ready, instead of returning to our test centres for pickup.

4. Accuracy:

Our team of experienced experienced professionals ensures that samples are collected and handled with utmost care, maintaining the integrity of the diagnostic process, and providing accurate results.

5. Patient Privacy:

We understand the importance privacy when it comes to patient information, therefore our staff are trained to uphold privacy of patients.

How to book a home collection

You can Book our Home Sample Collection in Three simple ways.

1. Booking via our website:

Visit follow the booking prompt, and make payment immediately.

2. Booking via our social platforms

You can send a direct message on any of our social platforms (IG, Twitter, Facebook) and someone will reach out to guide you through booking an appointment for the Home sample collection service and making payment.

3. Booking via our call lines:

You call call any of these numbers (02016291000, 02016290998, 08109702728) and our client service personnel will be happy to guide you through booking an appointment for the Home sample collection service and making payment.

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