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Covid-19 Delta Variant, 5 key things you should know

Covid-19 Delta Variant, 5 key things you should know

1. Where is Covid-19 Delta Variant spreading?

The Covid-19 Delta Variant has been reported in 80 countries including Nigeria. It is now the most common variant in India and Britain, where it accounts for more than 90% of cases

2. Why should you be more alert?

Covid-19 Delta Variant is believed to be the 50% more contagious than both the original strain and the Alpha variant first identified in Britain. Evidence suggests that it may also cause more severe illness; infected people are twice as likely to be hospitalized

3. Does Covid-19 Delta variant have different symptoms?

Covid-19 Delta symptoms differ from the ancestral virus and other mutations as patients have described headaches, sore throats, runny nose, fever, and cough. This could make people think they only have a mild cold and continue to go about their day normally.

4. If you are vaccinated, do you need to worry about Covid-19 Delta Variant?

The Delta Variant is unlikely to pose much risk to people that have been fully vaccinated, according to experts, the current set of vaccines are still effective but if you have only gotten one does, you are still at higher risk

5. What Should I do?

   If you notice any slight symptom of Covid-19, Stay Home and call NCDC Toll Free Helpline on 6232

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