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Cancer is preventable

Globally, cancer is a major health crisis, with an estimated 10 million incidences and 6 million cancer deaths annually. In Nigeria 102,000 new cases are diagnosed from the population of over 200 million people, with an estimated 72,000 cancer deaths occurring annually.

Cancer affects both the young and old, no matter your religion, ethnicity or level of affluence.

A number of Cancer foundations and Organisations have set out measures to help people with cancer, two of such are the Children Living with cancer foundation and the Nigerian Cancer Society, founded with the objective to assist in the development of facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Cancer is no joke and should be taken seriously. From the age of 40, it is advised that all women should have annual screening mammograms and men to run prostate cancer tests. With this done, you will already be on the part to know your status and be a watchdog to this deadly disease.
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