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Without a doubt, health screenings are one of the most authentic displays of love from a person to themselves or another.

When it is from us to us, “it says I love myself so much I will care for and invest in my health”. When it’s to our loved ones, it says, “I love and care for you so much, I will do everything possible to keep you here and in good health”.

health screening

On that account, if you’re thinking of a unique way to show love to any of the men in your life, there is no better way than saying “I want you to live” and purchasing one or all of the health tests below.

1.       Blood pressure test

Due to many societies placing pressure on men to provide and be successful, it is common to find most men nowadays suffering from high blood pressure.

Hence, a blood pressure test is always a good idea to gift your boys/men. It allows them to monitor their risk of hypertension and prevent cardiovascular diseases and several other health challenges. 

2.       Testicular exam

Ball-like in looks, the testicle is the primary male reproductive organ that produces sperm.

At least once annually, a testicular exam by a professional is recommended for all men to ensure there aren’t any problems with the testicles or lumps growing unnoticed.

3.       Colon cancer screening

Depending on what you decide will be the best fit, you can gift your loved one a stool-based or a visual test colon cancer screening.

Stool-based tests are less invasive and involve using a patient’s stool to check for signs of cancer or pre-cancer. In contrast, a visual examination, e.g. colonoscopy, requires inserting a flexible tube to produce an image of the colon and rectum to help the doctors check for polyps and cancer.

4.       Blood sugar check

Regular blood sugar tests and monitoring are advised for all to decrease the likelihood of cardiac diseases and health problems like diabetes.


5.       Prostate health screening

Given that 1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer before their death, you can show your love to your male loved ones above 40 by booking a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test or a digital rectal exam for them.

6.     Skin check

Often ignored by men, a skin exam is a crucial test to carry out annually. This is especially so if you exposed yourself to sun damage when younger or have only recently just started wearing sunscreen and protective clothing.

7.       STD panel

If the men in your life are of age and sexually active, you can gift them our STD panel test to rule to protect their genitals and immune system from an attack.

8.       Cholesterol test

A complete cholesterol test is done to determine and estimate a person’s risk of heart diseases and other diseases of the blood vessels.  

There you have it. Eight important health screenings you can contact us to package and gift the men in your life.

Now unto the big question, WHICH OF THESE WILL YOU BE GIFTING THEM?

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