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Afriglobal Medicare’s Wellness Gift cards: A Thoughtful Gift for a Healthier Life

Gift-giving is an art, and the most meaningful gifts reflect care and consideration. When presenting someone with a gift, there’s hardly anything more valuable than the gift of good health. That’s why our Wellness Giftcards emerge as a beacon of health. These gift cards promise a healthier life and serve as a thoughtful gesture that can change someone’s future for the better.


Afriglobal’s Wellness gift cards are not just any gift cards;   Each card provides access to a range of healthcare and wellness services, allowing the recipient to prioritise their health journey.



Health Gift Cards
Health cards from Afriglobal

They come in five distinct options, each tailored to different needs and stages of life. Let’s explore these options and the advantages they bring:


  1. Wellness Essentials (20,000)

 This test covers a basic analysis of your kidney, liver, heart, blood levels, and your risk of getting diabetic. The Wellness Essentials help you understand your health better and pave the way for a healthier, happier life. The advantage? Early detection of potential health issues and an opportunity to kickstart a wellness journey. Take control of your well-being; start with Wellness Essentials.


  1. Wellness Pro (30,000)

For those who seek a deeper dive into their health, the Wellness Pro card offers a more detailed assessment. Embark on your journey to improved well-being with Wellness Pro. This essential health assessment goes a step higher, covering crucial assessments and empowering you to gain an understanding of your health.


  1. Wellness Stress Buster (50,000)

In a country filled with stress, the Wellness Stress Buster card takes your wellness to a higher level, providing more understanding into your health, identifying infections, assessing diabetes risks, evaluating cardiovascular health, and examining the well-being of vital organs, including the liver, blood, kidneys, thyroid, and heart. It not only covers your health assessment but also provides access to stress management strategies, ensuring that you can face life’s challenges with resilience.


  1. MVP Total Health (100,000)

As you reach a certain stage in life, your health needs may evolve, and the MVP Total Health is definitely what you need for your well-being. Our carefully selected tests range from infection screenings to measuring sugar, cholesterol, and vital organ health. It covers not only your check-up but also specialised assessments to identify potential health risks.


  1. MVP Total Health Max (200,000)

For the ultimate health journey, the MVP Total Health Max card leaves no stone unturned. The comprehensive tests not only shield against infectious diseases like Hepatitis B and HIV but also provide meticulous measurements of sugar and cholesterol levels, liver and kidney functions, thyroid health, immune system strength, and comprehensive cancer screenings. It includes extensive check-ups, consultations, stress management, and various wellness services. It’s a complete package for a holistic approach to health.

Wellness Gift Cards
Complete health check up plans from Afriglobal


The Advantages of Wellness Gift Cards

What makes Afriglobal’s Wellness Gift Cards truly special are the advantages they offer:

  1. The Gift of Health: These cards are not just pieces of plastic or paper; they are tokens of love and care. They show that you value someone’s well-being and want them to live healthy lives.
  2. Personalised Wellness: The different card options allow you to choose the level of wellness you want to gift, making it a personalised gesture.
  3. Proactive Health: The gift cards encourage recipients to take a proactive approach to their health, as early detection and preventive measures are at the heart of these services.
  4. Comprehensive Care: From check-ups to consultations and stress management, these cards cover a broad spectrum of health and wellness services, ensuring the recipient can access a stress-free health experience.


When you gift an Afriglobal Wellness Gift Card, you’re not just offering a present; you’re giving the gift of a healthier life. You’re saying, “I care about your well-being,” and you’re providing the tools and resources to prioritise health and wellness.

With all of the struggles and stress that life can bring, these gift cards stand as a reminder that health is wealth, and there’s nothing more precious than the well-being of our loved ones. So, the next time you’re looking for the perfect gift, consider the thoughtful gesture of an Afriglobal Wellness Gift Card and visit any of our centers near you to purchase.