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Hurray !!! Great news to share, we have received ISO ACCREDITATION.
With the rise in COVID-19 collection centers and diagnostic laboratories globally, it has become challenging for patients to know which laboratory centers to visit and trust for their diagnostics and health needs.

Isometric tamped approval documents, document approval

Understanding this, we have put together a few reasons why you should choose Afriglobal Medicare.

  1. We are ISO approved.

As an ISO accredited laboratory, our professionalism and proficiency as a laboratory is confirmed by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

As such, when you carry out tests with AFriglobal Medicare, you can be assured you’re working with a competent laboratory that operates following international standards. Also, our lab results have been established to be reliable and derived from testing methods that are never below par.

2. We are patient-centred and committed to high service standards.

As always, we are committed to improving healthcare in Africa through serving quality and affordable diagnostics. Hence, we use only the best methods for data analysis and employ only the best hands to minimize the risks of errors during testing.


In addition, in furtherance of our dedication to a healthy life for all, we offer home services at a minimal cost to our elderly patients and all patients who cannot physically visit any of our laboratories due to their health conditions. 

3. In-house specialist doctors.

Not to toot our horn, but how many laboratories do you know can boast of an in-house specialists for patients to see if they need clarification on their test results?

4. Timely result.

Our results are delivered timeously without compromising on testing, calibration or sampling processes.

5. You enjoy a wider recognition and acceptance of all test results conducted at Afriglobal Medicare.

A direct positive of our ISO accreditation is that we belong to an international network of laboratories whose test results are trusted and accepted globally.

Consequently, choose us if you desire test results and certificates for international travel or use that will require no further testing.

6. Qualified and well-experienced professionals.

With us, you can be confident of being in the best hands possible. All staffs, from receptionists to lab attendants and doctors, are highly qualified and some of the best in their fields.

7. Prompt Customer Service.

To ensure we always serve our clients to the best of our ability and reduce dissatisfaction, our customer care representatives are available 24/7 on Mondays-Saturdays and on Sundays: 7am -5pm.

Therefore, do not hesitate to give us a call with your requests or complaints on 016291000 during our available hours.

8. Suitable testing equipment.

At Afriglobal Medicare, we operate using the latest and best technological equipment to process your data efficiently and accurately.

9. We deliver comfort.

Using our online booking system, you can easily make appointments for tests online before you walk in to save time and ensure ease.

10. We prioritise confidentiality.

Asides quality testing, we are devoted to protecting the personal health information of all of our clients. Thus, testing with us guarantees total respect and protection of your privacy.

Need more reasons to convince you we are the best? Give our ISO approved laboratory a trial!

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