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Which Covid Test Is The Best Fit For You – PCR, Antigen or Antibody?

What is a rapid covid test? How long after a positive test shall I retake a test? Are there more than one tests to take to discover if you have Covid-19? What is the likelihood of a false positive? Can I use any COVID-19 test results to travel? Which of the COVID tests should I take?

This post aims at answering all these questions and more.

Firstly, there are three kinds of tests you can carry out to know/confirm a positive or negative Covid status. These tests can generally classify as antigen (PCR and Rapid antigen tests) or antibody tests.  

What are their differences?

The differences between these three test types exist in their sample collection methods, processing, reliability, and use.

Rapid Covid test

PCR Test:

This is considered the most accurate antigen test, the chances of a false negative with a PCR test are meagre. It is the most common COVID-19 test and the most accepted globally for all travels.

Its sample analysis occurs using a lab technique called the ‘polymerase chain reaction’ to analyze the sample collected from a nasal swab, throat swab, or spit. Results are available from 6-8 hours after sample collection.

Antibody Test:

The antibody testing is highly beneficial in telling if one has had a previous COVID-19 infection via an analysis of the COVID-19 antibodies in your blood drawn. Often carried out a few days or weeks after a positive covid result, the antibody test also reveals whether your system has developed any antibody due to a vaccination.

Rapid Antigen Test:

“What is a rapid covid test” is one of the most popular questions we receive, mainly because one can carry out this test by oneself at home.

The test involves using a nasal swab to identify the presence or absence of COVID-19 proteins in the body.

Although results can be out in as early as 10-20 minutes with us, they are considered unreliable. Thus, many airlines, countries, schools, etc., do not accept this test as proof of negative status.

Which COVID-19 Test Should You Carry Out?

Your needs will decide the COVID-19 test you’ll be needing to carry out. Thus, you’ll have to answer questions like:

  1. Am I using the result for personal or public use?
  2. Am I carrying out the test for the first time? Or to confirm my status after being confirmed positive previously?
  3. What is my proximity to a sample collection centre or my accessibility to a home testing kit?

Note that knowing which test to take is extremely important to prevent a loss of funds. Please scroll back up to read a summary of the different test types or call us on 016291000, 016290998 for more information.

Where Can I Carry Out A COVID-19 Test?

For the best quality service and best time delivery, you can carry out all or any of your COVID-19 tests at any one of our collection centres in Lagos, Nigeria. As a world-class diagnostics centre with a hygienic environment and pieces of equipment to rival, Afriglobal Medicare is well equipped to cater to all your health needs. We also offer home samples collection with appointments and walk-ins with or without appointments.

Click here to read more about a rapid covid test and other covid test types. Also, remember to protect yourself and your loved ones by testing should you encounter an infected person or begin showing signs.

You can also read more about protecting yourself from COVID-19 here.

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