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As your hands, legs, eyes and other essential parts of your body are important to you for day to day activities, so your liver is important, even more, because it’s like the engine helping other parts of your body to work effectively.

One may ask, is it possible to test the health of my liver even without any health symptoms? 
The answer is YES. Testing the health of your liver is same as testing for other health symptoms.

Liver function tests help to determine the health of your liver by measuring the levels of proteins, liver enzymes, and bilirubin in your blood.

Your liver performs different vital bodily functions, which includes:
⦁ Removing contaminants from your blood
⦁ Converting nutrients from the foods you eat
⦁ Storing minerals and vitamins
⦁ regulating blood clotting
⦁ Producing proteins, enzymes, and bile, making factors that fight infection
⦁ Removing bacteria from your blood
⦁ Processing substances that could harm your body
⦁ maintaining hormone balances

You may need a liver function test if you experience these symptoms:

Weakness, fatigue or loss of energy, weight loss, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), symptoms of nephritic syndrome (swelling around the eyes, belly, and legs), discolored bodily discharge (dark urine or light stools), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain etc.

Liver function tests can be used to:
1. Screen for liver infections, such as hepatitis
2. Monitor the progression of a disease, such as viral or alcoholic hepatitis, and determine how well a treatment is working
3. Measure the severity of a disease
4. Monitor possible side effects of medications
5. Check the levels of certain enzymes and proteins in your blood.
6. Part of an annual/comprehensive health check.

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